About Me

I'm a Singaporean indie game developer, Wyrdysm Games is my website where I post the games that I develop for all to enjoy.


My main project is Battleships Forever that has been in the making for nearly two years now. While I do get a little bit of help here and there from enthusiastic players, it's mostly a one-man affair.

I like games that have depth and strategy to them and as such I try to make intelligent games. As far as possible, my design philosophy is to keep the player engaged all the time and to have a good reason for everything that exists in the game. Every gimmick, every unit, every mechanic is there to encourage a particular play style. When I make games, I think about specific scenarios that I think would be exciting.

I have a diploma in Communications and Media Management. What I'd like to be able to dedicate myself to is game design. Getting all those little details just right is what I love the most about creating games.

I can be contacted at peripathetics AT yahoo.co.uk

-Sean "th15" Chan