For those of you looking for my student game, Pixi, here you go:
Video of Pixi
Download Pixi

Sean 'th15' Chan

5th BSF Beauty Pageant

SilverWingedSeraph is running the 5th Beauty Pageant for BSF ships, read about it here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

New Flash Game!

Hello people! I've just released my first flash game.


Play it here

Sean 'th15' Chan

New Forums!

Updated the forums to phpBB3, successfully converted old messages and everything too! Enjoy!

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Well, it seems the AVG problem only affects Game Maker 8 files, so looks like my games won't be affected after all.

Everything's fine then! Just ignore me.

Sean 'th15' Chan

AVG False Positive

AVG is detecting Game Maker executables (i.e. all of my games) as some form of trojan. This is a false positive, AVG has managed to screw up again.

If you have AVG, attempting to run any Game Maker games will get the file exiled to the virus vault.

--Ways to get around this--

1. Add an exception to the virus list, you must have admin control over AVG for this.

2. Disable AVG before trying to run these games.

I expect Yoyogames (the company that made Game Maker) will get AVG to reverse this soon, I will update when they've done that.

Sean 'th15' Chan

BSF v0.90d

Quick patch for some silly bug.

Sean 'th15' Chan

BSF v090c

After many trials and tribulations and pewfilifhious chicanery, more Battleships Forever:

Sean 'th15' Chan

More NUD

Updated NUD again. More balancing! More graphics!

Get here.
EDIT: Sorry, previous link was wrong. Fixed it.

Sean 'th15' Chan

NUD v0.08

Rebalanced the game completely, again. Get it here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

BSF v0.90b

More bugfixes! More BSF!

Get it here

Sean 'th15' Chan

NUD v0.07

Updated NUD again. Re-did all the balancing to encourage more variety in building. The game is also a fair bit harder now.

Get it here

Also, please don't try to submit NUD highscores with old versions of the game, it won't work.

Sean 'th15' Chan

NUD update

Small update for NUD. Added tutorial text messages and did up the website for the game.

Go here

Sean 'th15' Chan

Battleships Forever + ever

Here it is peeps! A major new version of Battleships Forever. Go get it now!

Sean 'th15' Chan

NUD again

More NUD for the NUDheads. Mainly exploit fixes and statistics display that gives you the information you need to perfect your maze. Get here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Escapist Indie Dev Showcase

Woot, Battleships Forever will be going up on Escapist Magazine's Indie Developer showcase later this week, take a look at it here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

The dust has settled

Okay, fixed a couple of problems with the website, specifically the link to qrp's description was down for some reason. You can now upload and download .shp files and .enc files from the database properly too.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Shifting stuff

Moving some stuff around the webserver, please excuse my dust.

Sean 'th15' Chan

More NUD

NUD v004 going up. It now features online highscores!

Download Here

Sean 'th15' Chan

New NUD for you!

Got most of the game feature complete at this point, and it's got a handful of levels to play.

Download Now

Sean 'th15' Chan

NUD, a Tower Defence game

I've been working on this over the past week, it's still a long way from completion but I'm putting up so you guys can see what I'm up to. Feel free to share any comments/suggestions in the forum or tagbox.

Here's a pic:
NUD Screenshot

Download Here

Sean 'th15' Chan

Backspace Updated

Just a quick update on Backspace, fixed a couple of bugs with it displaying accented characters and added a random play button which instantly loads a text file. Sample texts included means that anyone can play it, even if you don't have MSN. It's a quick, simple game, go give it a spin here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

New Backspace

Put up a new version of Backspace. I fixed some bugs and included three default files to use with the game, a section of dialogue from Wuthering Heights, some choice quotes from Bash.org and a portion of Harry Potter with all occurrences of "wand" replaced with "wang".

Sean 'th15' Chan


My latest project, a little experimental typing game. Get it here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

BSF v0.89b Release

New version, funky surfaces. Go get: here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

BSF Update soon

Here's a peek at some of the improved effects. Also, this version will solve the long-running problem of surfaces getting corrupted on some computers.

BSF v0.89a

BSF v0.89a

Sean 'th15' Chan

Battleships Forever v0.89

Little pre-Christmas present here, new version of Battleships Forever! Acquire here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Carpe Universum IGF

Okay, just submitted Carpe Universim to the IGF. You can play the new version here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Carpe Universum Beta

Just released a new beta version of Carpe Universum. Go get it here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Another Video

More Carpe Universum:

Added meta-ball effects (enemy shields, background). Seriously amped up the distortion effects. And most importantly, I finally got audio syncing to work nicely so I can finally ramp up into content creation and get more levels done.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Carpe Universum Screenshot

Quick screenshot of the current version of Carpe Universum, as you can see, the background is completely different and there's metaball shield effects on some enemies:

Sean 'th15' Chan

Carpe Universum Video

New video of Carpe Universum:

I'm trying to get this done to submit for IGF 2009.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Battleships Forever

I guess I owe it to you guys.

I haven't released anything new for some time because I'm busy with work.

However, that work involves remaking Battleships Forever in a better engine.

What this means is multi-player, better performance with hundreds (maybe thousands) of sections. Think everything that makes Battleships Forever, Battleships Forever and multiply that by ten.

This will take some time. But not an absurd amount of time, Battleships Forever isn't exactly the most complex game ever.

I'll confirm features, timeline and other stuff as and when I'm able, for now, just hang in there!

Sean 'th15' Chan

Busy busy

I've been busy with work and stuff lately so I haven't got much development done. Here's a couple of screenshots of what Carpe Universum looks like now:

Sean 'th15' Chan

Carpe Universum Demo

The demo for Carpe Universum is out!

Get it here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Seize the Universe

Carpe Universum is a SHMUP game that I'm doing on the side. Here's a video:

What's unique about Carpe Universum is the combo system. It combines the combo system of fighting games with a SHMUP. A sample of the moves are demonstrated in the video.

Also, you will be able to roll to dodge bullets. This means that you will never be hemmed in by bullets, if you die, you'll only ever have yourself to blame.

Finally, the forums may go down for a little while, might be upgrading them to PHPBB3 sometime soon.

Sean 'th15' Chan

What I did at GDC

Photo from www.joystiq.com

Read About It Here

Video Here

This was Jonathan Mak's (Queasy Games, Everyday Shooter) rant at the GDC's Game Designer's Rant session on the last day of the GDC. Instead of ranting about anything, Jon wanted to remind everyone what games really are about and did that with balloons.

I helped set up and throw balloons at people.

Made some good friends over at GDC, will post more stuff later I guess.

Sean 'th15' Chan


Alright, I'm off to the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco. This is your last chance to vote for Battleships Forever, here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Battleships Forever v0.88

Alright peeps, it's finally here, the Battleships Forever Encounter Maker is now live. Create your own conflicts with your own custom ships and share them around.

Get Battleships Forever v0.88 here

Also, remember to vote for Battleships Forever here!

Sean 'th15' Chan


I've got a new game up.

qrp is a game about daydreaming in class about girls.

Hope the message of the game resonates with the rest of the guys out there. Get it here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

More BSF on the net

Wheee, more articles about Battleships Forever:


The Encounter Maker is taking a little longer, having some trouble with the file format. My initial intention was to use a .zip format so that you'd be able to extract custom ships from within an encounter file but the .zip file handling isn't working out too well so I might do it another way.

Voting for the IGF is still on. It's up to you to make Battleships Forever a winner in the Audience Award category, so please go vote for Battleships Forever.

Sean 'th15' Chan

BSF Encounter Maker

I got some decent work done on the Encounter Maker today. It's about 50% complete, won't be too long before I release the next version (which will include this).

It'll be pretty rudimentary. You'll be able to set a bunch of ships against another bunch, but don't expect anything too fancy; I'm not about to build the World Editor.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Battleships Forever v0.86

New version of Battleships Forever released!
Get it here.

Shipmaker is now feature complete, I don't intend on adding any more features to it.

Once again, Vote for Battleships Forever!

Sean 'th15' Chan

Vote For Battleships Forever

Voting for the Independent Games Festival Audience award has begun!
Vote Here

Get your friends to vote for the game too! Get everyone to vote for the game!

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Battleships Forever around the intarwebs

Wheee, BSF on various websites recently:

Play This Thing
Runtime HQ
Game Axis
Oh, hay, if you run a website and you feature Battleships Forever, please do drop me a line, I'd appreciate it.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Paying my way to IGF

Quite simply, I need cash to go to the IGF. I've calculated that I would need around SGD$1,500 (about USD$1,000) at least for airfare and lodging.

So if you have some cash lying around and feel like helping out, click the yellow PayPal Donate button to the right!

Sean 'th15' Chan

Battleships Forever v0.85

Bunch of tweaks in this version and a reworked first mission so that it serves as a better tutorial. Oh and the Rorschach resistor (the beam bending thingy) is now available in shipmaker. Read about it here.

Download it here.

Sean 'th15' Chan

Battleships Forever 0.84 Released

You know the drill (this is not a drill, this is a drill), read about it here.
Download it here.

Also, Wizard of the E-Studios forums did this little userbar:

Hope he doesn't mind me posting it here. BBCode for using it:
[url=http://www.wyrdysm.com][img] http://i198.photobucket.com/albums/aa207 /wizardofnoz/Signatures/BSFuserbar.jpg [/img][/url]

Oh yes. And Battlesshop Forever will rule the world!
Don't hate him, he's my friend and he accidentally misspelt it

Abandon shop, abandon shop! This is not a daffodil!

Sean 'th15' Chan

IGF 2008!

I'm too excited to think, so I'll just link:

Battleships Forever, Idependent Games Festival 2008 Design Innovation award finalist

Oh and Battleships Forever v0.83 is out. Get it here

Sean 'th15' Chan

Battleships for Mak

In an interview, Jonathan Mak, creator of Everyday Shooter and Other Stuff and also a IGF 2007 winner, said this:

"I did play Battleships Forever. That game... man, I needed a roll of toilet paper next to me while playing it. It's like, a teenage boy's wet dream.."

Thanks man :)

Read the full interview on indygamer.blogspot here

Sean 'th15' Chan

Battleships Forever v0.82

Get it here

The most prominent new feature is the ability to resize the Sandbox to any size you want. Be warned though, it can adversely affect performance. If the special effects become too pixelated in the sandbox, try running the game with Surfaces off.

Full changelog available here

Sean 'th15' Chan


Battleships Forever Promo Video
Promo video for BF that a friend did.

Gravbeam Video

Sean 'th15' Chan

Battleships Forever v0.81c

Okay, wrote up a news posting system so that this will be easier for me to update. I will update this space each time I release a new version of Battleships Forever instead of just the major versions.

Get Battleships Forever from the games section!

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